Hospital Medicine Physician Rounder/Admitter *new competitive pay rates*

Job Description Summary

As a Hospitalist Physician at SSH, you will report, through the Hospitalist Program directors, to the Chief of the Department of Medicine. You will have such duties and responsibilities as are set forth below and as may be reasonably requested by SSH from time to time. You shall perform the medical services faithfully, with due diligence and efficiency, to the best of your ability, and in accordance with the applicable standards of your profession, canons of professional ethics and all laws and SSH policies in effect from time to time. You will render medical services solely on behalf of SSH, and you will undertake other business engagements (paid or unpaid) only with SSH’s written consent. SSH recognizes that teamwork and flexibility are essential to providing 24-hour per day patient-centered care. SSH expects you to be respectful of your patients, other health care providers, and the physicians and staff of SSH. You shall be professional at all times and adhere to HIPAA standards with regard to maintaining confidentiality of patient information. You will have several different roles as a SSH Hospitalist Physician. These roles include admitting, attending physician coverage, and performing consults at the request of other physicians. Regardless of role, you will be required to use approved SSH patient care treatment plans and order sets, when appropriate. At times, you will supervise a SSH Physician Extender. You shall respond to all emergency codes within SSH, will be a member of the Rapid Response Team, and will participate in educational and policy meetings requiring medical expertise.

Job Description

1. Patient Care

a. Physician provides clinically appropriate care, including prompt response to all emergency consults and attendance at all codes.

b. Physician ensures that patient care needs are met by prioritizing tasks well.

c. Physician shows compassion when dealing with patients.

d. Physician demonstrates consistent professionalism when dealing with patients.

e. Physician maintains confidentiality of patient information.

2. Communication

a. Physician keeps patients and families well informed of medical issues.

b. Physician keeps other hospitalists well informed of active issues.

c. Physician keeps referral PCP and specialists well informed.

d. Physician is receptive to feedback and constructive criticism.

3. Documentation

a. Admission H&P clearly addresses abnormal findings and includes a well-focused plan for inpatient evaluation.

b. Progress notes are well written, clinically appropriate and include review of abnormal findings.

c. Daily progress notes clearly indicate why continued inpatient care is necessary.

d. Patients on Telemetry have documented rhythm review and clearly documented rationale for continued monitoring.

e. Discharge summaries are dictated on day of discharge; include plans for post acute or outpatient follow up; and clearly identify “issues outstanding at time of discharge."

f. Primary care physicians are clearly identified in all dictated documentation.

g. Handwriting is legible, and all orders are timed and dated.

h. Medical Records are completed on a weekly basis.

i. Physicians adhere to the institutional “Do Not Abbreviate List."

j. Physicians are knowledgeable and compliant with E&M coding and HIPAA regulations.

4. Teamwork

a. Physician contributes to professional growth of the practice and participates in group and hospital meetings.

b. Physician establishes and maintains cooperative working relationships with case managers, physician reviewers, nurses and therapists.

c. Physician establishes and maintains professional relationships with referral physicians and members of the active medical staff.

d. Physician promptly responds to ED physicians and helps to facilitate ED patient flow.

e. Physician starts each shift on time.

f. Physician completes required office paperwork in a timely fashion.

g. Physician is courteous to others and promotes mutual respect.

5. Efficiency

a. Physician meets the expected level of productivity when admitting patients.

b. Physician meets the expected level of productivity when rounding on patients.

c. Physician discharges patients in a timely fashion.

d. Physician establishes and manages clinical priorities effectively.

6. Overall

a. Physician demonstrates commitment to achieving superior patient satisfaction.

b. Physician demonstrates commitment to achieving superior referral physician satisfaction.

c. Physician is a knowledgeable and valuable asset to the group.

Minimum Education - Preferred
Medical Degree from an accredited institution

Minimum Work Experience
Internship and Residency in Internal Medicine or Family Practice Medicine from an accredited institution

Requires ACLS certification as tracked by the Medical Staff Office

Requires DEAx number for the ability to prescribe Buprenorphine/Suboxone

Requires an Internal Medicine or Family Medicine background.

Must maintain a flexible schedule to work shifts on nights and weekends.

Must be fluent in English, both verbal and written, and experience in direct patient care is essential.

Requires that the physician in the job be free to work a flexible schedule of varying days and shifts over a 24 x 7 x 365 time frame.