Job Description Summary

Under the direction and guidence of Patient Access Manager, the supervisor of financial counseling provides oversight to financial counseling staff, ensuring the financial integrity of South Shore Hospital through excellent customer service skills,maintaining the collection of copayments and assuring that staff advocate and screen patients for the procurement benefits through state public assistance programs.

Job Description


Essential functions are those tasks, duties and responsibilities that comprise the means of accomplishing the job's purpose and objectives. Essential functions are critical or fundamental to the performance of the job. They are the major functions that the person in the job is held accountable for. Following are the essential functions of the job.

* Use this to denote if a function does not provide opportunity to perform beyond "Meets Expectations"
1. Supervises staff in the Financial Counseling Department.
a. Is a content expert for Financial Counseling Services.

b. Provides timely monthly reports for the Financial Counseling Department.

2. Manages Human Resources.
a. Conducts timely work performance evaluations (annual).

b. Recommends hiring, termination of all employees

c. Manages performance using coaching, counseling and corrective actions.

d. Staffs to budget.

e. Manages appeals process for time off through Meditech staff and scheduling.

f. Understands and can interpret hospital policies and procedures for staff.

g. Approves payroll biweekly.

3. .Develops staff.
a. Provides initial orientation for new staff members.

b. Monitors and provides feedback regarding department standard goals.

c. Works collabratively with training coordinators regarding employee needs/competencies.

d. Rounds daily.

e. Conducts monthly staff meetings cascading information to employees in a timely manner.

f. Insures staff is provided adequate time for participations in meetings/inservices.

g. Sets department standard goals yearly,

4. Technology – Embraces technological solutions to work processes and practices.
a. Able to function using department computer programs.

b. Can manage payroll ( API) on line

c. Is able to do an HRAF on line

d. Can Creat a job requisition on Line

e. Can use the Absence Data base and determine when follow- up is necessary.

f. Able to function using Microsoft products.

5. Safety Awareness – Fosters a “Culture of Safety” through personal ownership and commitment to a safe environment.
a. Understands leadership role during hospital codes (e.g. Code Disaster, Code Red).

b. Adheres to universal precautions and respiratory etiquette guidelines.

c. Adheres and assists staff to understand patient identification policies/procedure and can manage corrective action for related performance.

6. Leadership standards
a. Develops Personal Action Plan.

b. Submits 90 day plans and outcomes within specified time frames

c. Attends 40 hrs of leadership developement and training per year.

d. Maintains one efficiency for team/unit per year.

d. .


I. Technology and Learning
a. Participates in continued learning and possess a willingness and ability to learn and utilize new technology and procedures that continue to develop in their role and throughout the organization.

b. Embraces technological advances that allow us to communicate information effectively and efficiently based on role.

Excellent customer service skills. Working knowledge of insurance plans, including Masshealth products and state regulations. Strong computer skills. Working knowledge of community resources and healthcare reform and how to access them for patients.