Job Description Summary

South Shore Health has invested in state of the art Imaging equipment! Join us in providing first class care to patients and families South of Boston. In addition, we are pleased to offer a SIGN-ON BONUS of $6,000.00! The bonus will be paid, less applicable taxes, in 2 installments: 50% in your first paycheck after start date and 50% in the first paycheck after 3 months (must be actively employed in budgeted position) Coordinates functions between the Imaging and Patient Care Teams. Performs MRI procedures utilizing extensive knowledge of MRI equipment and magnet safety. In addition, uses knowledge to direct and instruct other team members. Must be comfortable overseeing technologists and other ancillary staff in a fast-paced environment. Must work closely with radiologists, nurses, physicians, other hospital staff and referring outside offices staff to ensure excellence in patient care.. Oversees the daily function and staffing needs of the department under the guidance and direction of the Mri Supervisor, Radiology Operations Manager and the Director of Diagnostic Imaging.

Job Description


Essential functions are those tasks, duties and responsibilities that comprise the means of accomplishing the job's purpose and objectives. Essential functions are critical or fundamental to the performance of the job. They are the major functions that the person in the job is held accountable for. Following are the essential functions of the job.

* Use this to denote if a function does not provide opportunity to perform beyond "Meets Expectations"
1. Assists the MRI Supervisor by coordinating the daily functions of the MRI Department.

a. Provides maximum use of facilities and staff for most efficient service to patients and

b. Assigns and reassigns personnel as patient procedures require to maximize efficient
Use of equipment and physicians.

c. Develops and assigns daily schedule of assigned personnel, coordinating lunches and breaks.

d. Coordinates the work assigned to each M.R.I. room, and monitors the work of staff technologists.

e. Maintains effective and appropriate staffing by monitoring employee turnover, overtime and absenteeism.

2. Makes suggestions for improved work efficiency.

3. Observes technical and ancillary staff in the performance of their job duties daily.

a. Evaluates work performance of assigned personnel and makes recommendations to the MRI Supervisor for hiring, promotions, demotions, transfers and other personnel actions, including minor disciplinary measures.

b. Collaborates with the MRI Supervisor and Human Resources on the recruitment.
and selection of qualified employment candidates.

c. Assists the MRI Supervisor in doing yearly employee performance appraisals by discussing with the MRI Supervisor all technologist strengths and weakness’s and suggests goals for each technologist.

a. Develops performance goals/objectives with each staff member to promote maximum productivity, proficiency and professional growth, as evidenced
by written goals on performance appraisals .

b. Monitors and assists in the progress of {a.} (above) of the MRI
Technologist. .

4. Reviews all studies evaluating their quality.

a. Responsible for the creation, implementation and monitoring
of the departmental quality control program.

b. Responsible for the establishment of all MRI exam
Protocols – consistant with current standards of
MRI practice – this is accomplished by collabotation
With the MRI Medical Director and MRI Supervisor.

c. Responsible for maintaining the current exam protocols
(sequences and settings) in all MRI equipment.

d. Coordinates all image quality issues or changes with General Electric
service, applications and other divisions as needed.

5. Provides on-going training for technologist, as a group or
On an individual basis as needed.

6. Effectively communicates departmental, organization and industry information to staff.

7. Fiscal Responsibilities.

a. Demonstrates fiscal accountability for department resources and the ability to achieve outcomes within
allocated resources.

b. Assures proper utilization of organization’s financial resources.

1. Effectively utilizes resources within established budget; notifies the MRI Supervisor of all variances anticipated, or occurred, to maintain department services

c. Recommends way to reduce expenditures and/or enhance revenues without
compromising quality of services .

8. Assumes responsibilities of the MRI Supervisor during times of absence.


I. Technology and Learning
a. Participates in continued learning and possess a willingness and ability to learn and utilize new technology and procedures that continue to develop in their role and throughout the organization.

b. Embraces technological advances that allow us to communicate information effectively and efficiently based on role.


Unit Specific functions are those tasks, duties and responsibilities that are specific to the performance of the job within a certain unit(s). Following are unit specific functions of the job, along with the corresponding performance standards.

1. Performs M.R.I. exams

A. Prepares patients for exams.
B. Verifies patient according to policy prior to administration of Care/procedures/medications.
C. Follows approved procedure for verifying MD orders including a verbal “readback” to the licensed independent practitioner after receiving a telephone order.

2. Performs task of preparation of patient and equipment setup prior to exams.

3. Performs and monitors IV access.

4. Scans patient as directed by the Radiologist consistent with exam preparation and protocols.

5. Prepares images & paperwork for Radiologists interpretation.

6. Demonstrates a commitment to a healthy work environment by modeling the desired behavior
and encouraging those in others.

7. Fosters a “Culture of Safety” through personal ownership and commitment to a safe environment.

A. Complies with the current CDC hand hygiene guidelines through proper hand washing, and makes appropriate use of personal protective equipment at all times.

B. Adheres to respiratory etiquette guidelines.

C. Adheres to universal precautions.

D. Appropriately disposes of hazardous materials.

E. Adheres to electrical safety guidelines.

1. Performs some clerical work, including, but not limited to reception, phone
responsibilities, registration, scheduling or other duties as assigned
consistant with the operation of the department or patient care.
2. Verifies information and exams performed, using computer system(s)
( Meditech and Amicas ) and other logging methods
3. Updates and changes exam description to reflect actual exam performed.
In the event of a missed or inaccurate entry, makes all necessary changes to
the exam information in all computer systems to effect a proper flow of

Prior supervisory experience.