Advanced Emergency Medical Technician - Health Express Urgent Care - Abington, Braintree, Quincy, Weymouth

Job Description Summary

The Advanced Emergency Medical Technician (AEMT) responds to both non–emergent and emergent requests for medical transportation, provides emergency and non–emergency care in the pre–hospital environment within the scope of practice, and provides safe and efficient transportation of the patient to appropriate facility or residence. We have full time and per diem positions available.

Job Description

Essential Functions

1. Responds promptly to requests for non–emergent and emergency calls as directed by the dispatcher in a timely and safe manner.

a. Upon receiving request from dispatcher, responds to request in a timely fashion.

b. Maintains sufficient knowledge of area geography and traffic patterns

c. Follows Massachusetts Laws, Chapter 89, Section 7 and Chapter 90, Sections 7, 13, 14, 16, and 17 regarding emergency vehicle operation.

d. Parks vehicle in areas designed by local fire, police, or hospital for patient pick-up and discharge.

2. Completes documentation and records according to department policy.

a. Run report will be completely accurately and legibly.

b. Vehicle and equipment checklist will be completed on every shift.

c. Obtains insurance information from transferring institution or receiving hospital.

3. Ensures vehicle and equipment are ready for response at all times.

a. Knows location and proper use of all equipment and radios.

b. Restocks vehicle and equipment within 15 minutes of run

c. Keeps vehicle clean and maintains fuel and stock as needed

d. Reports damaged or unsafe equipment to Supervisor upon problem identification.

4. Renders pre-hospital care at EMT-Advanced level.

a. Performs complete and accurate BLS patient assessments.

b. Is proficient in all BLS skills

c. Has a pleasant and professional manner with all patients and their families

d. Adheres to state and Region IV BLS treatment protocols.

e. Gives accurate and concise radio reports.

5. Performs assigned duties in the Emergency Department under the supervision of the ED physicians.

a. Assists as ancillary staff performing only those duties within the scope of practice or training.

6. Maintains a good working relationship with fellow employees, community emergency service providers, hospital staff, physicians and other allied health professionals.

a. Represents South Shore Hospital and the Ambulance Department in a positive, professional manner.

b. Interacts with department paramedics and hospital employees in a spirit of cooperation and in the patient’s best interest.

Essential Functions (Cont.)

I. Technology and Learning

a. Participates in continued learning and possess a willingness and ability to learn and utilize new technology and procedures that continue to develop in their role and throughout the organization.

b. Embraces technological advances that allow us to communicate information effectively and efficiently based on role.

Required additional Knowledge, and Abilities

Ability to interact effectively with minimal supervision using good judgment, common sense, leadership ability, and a thorough understanding of the principles of emergency medical services at the basic level.
Ability to interact effectively and professionally with patients, hospital personnel, emergency service providers, fire department personnel, and the general public.
Minimum Work Experience

One (1) year experience as an Emergency Medical Technician preferred.

Verification of an acceptable motor vehicle driving record, at time of hire, with annual verification required thereafter.