Job Description Summary

Performs technical skills and assistance to surgeons, anesthesia personnel, registered nurses and other professionals. Performs similar duties in other areas of the Hospital as assigned.

Job Description

1 - Demonstrates comprehensive knowledge of surgical procedures and instrumentation.

   a - Demonstrates knowledge of anatomy related to procedure.

   b - Demonstrates knowledge of techniques used by various surgeons for various procedures.

   c - Able to assemble and troubleshoot all equipment as necessary for procedure.

   d - Assures all necessary equipment is in the room prior to the start of a case.

   e - Able to safely operate all electro-surgical equipment, diagnostic equipment, disposable equipment as well as equipment unique to each specialty area.

   f - Demonstrates an understanding of the principles of asepsis and consistently maintains sterile technique.

2 - Pursues professional growth and development.

   a - Attends Hospital sponsored training programs as required by department.

   b - Maintains ERT certification.

   c - Completes annual mandatory in-services.

   d - Maintains technical skill level and adapts to changes in surgical technique and/or operative intervention modalities.

3 - Performs all responsibilities/duties required as defined in the scope of service, to assure that the unique nature of the client is addressed. 

   a - Demonstrates a knowledge of sterilization and disinfection as evidenced by practice.

   b - Demonstrates an understanding of operating room sanitation and assists in its maintenance.

   c - Handles all surgical specimens appropriately.

   d - Monitors for and calls attention to breaks in technique.  Communicates to Circulating RN and surgeons breaks in technique.

   e - In conjunction with the RN, conducts accurate sponge, needle and instruments count according to departmental policies.

   f - Performs surgical scrub according to departmental policies.

   g - Assists in the positioning of patients under the guidance of the RN and surgeon as needed.  Maintains safety of patients.

   h - Takes full responsibility for scheduled on call hours.

4 - Functions as a role model for current and new surgical staff.

   a - Accepts assignment as preceptor for new staff.

   b - Demonstrates a constructive approach during all interactions with staff and Nurse Manager towards the Organization.

   c - Trains and assists (Environmental Services) turnover teams with Operating Room protocol and procedures for new and existing team members.

5 - Technology – Embraces technological solutions to work processes and practices.

   a - Meets the technological requirements of the department and unit-specific competencies.

   b - Checks E-mails on a daily basis when scheduled.

6 - Safety Awareness – Fosters a “Culture of Safety” through personal ownership and commitment to a safe environment.

   a - Successfully answers safety questions in annual mandatory education program

   b - Understands individual roles/responsibilities during hospital codes (e.g., Code Green, Code Red)

   c - Utilizes proper body mechanics when performing all aspects of job

   d - Operates equipment safely

   e - Maintains a neat, organized work environment

   f - Knows where to find material safety data sheets (MSDS) for items used to perform job

   g - Adheres to respiratory etiquette guidelines


1 - Technology and Learning

   a - Participates in continued learning and possess a willingness and ability to learn and utilize new technology and procedures that continue to develop in their role and throughout the organization.

   b - Embraces technological advances that allow us to communicate information effectively and efficiently based on role.