Job Description Summary

Under the direction of the Nurse Manager – Extended Hours, assists with the direct supervision of extended hours and per visit nurses in the Braintree and Hanover Offices, as well as assigned clerical staff. Provides direct patient care as necessary.

Job Description

1. Scheduling
Schedules and prioritizes eve /eekend/holiday nursing visits according to patient acuity and the most appropriate nurses on each shift
a. Independently schedules, prioritizes and assesses the effectiveness of nursing visits completed.

b. Considers the workload of the available nursing staff in scheduling visits.

c. Recommends and implements scheduling changes as appropriate.

d. Identifies changes in visit frequency/planned visits on the weekend report

e. Utilizes the productivity standard for staff eve/weekend and per diem nurses

2. Supervision
Assists in providing direct clinical supervision to weekend and per visit nurses
a. Assists in the orientation and training of new staff to weekend/holiday operations with regard to visit assignment and completion, documentation requirements, and Agency policy procedure.

b. Identifies educational needs and helps to establish and educational opportunities

c. Acts as a clinical resource.

d. Evaluates nursing staff performance as directed, and in accordance with Human Resource policies.

e. Oversees clinical services during weekend/holiday shifts

f. Demonstrates and communicates knowledge of Department Policies and Procedures.

g. Ensures that the provider staff are able to safely and effectively perform care.

h. Ensures that provider staff demonstrate knowledge of child developmental growth and disability processes.

i. Ensures that all multidisciplinary services are provided on a timely basis.

j. Ensures that all appropriate visit–related data is communicated interdepartmentally.


5. Intake
Receives new patient referral information, on the eve/ weekend/holiday shift, completing the referral through appropriate inquiry and identification of patient needs.
a. Determines patient billing sources and appropriate reimbursement mechanism when information is available

b. Assists to educated the staff to the requirements of each payor.

c. Schedules the referral visit to the most appropriate nurse if an immediate weekend/holiday visit is necessary. Ensures that the patient is visited in a timely manner.

d. Ensures that the referral is included on the weekend/holiday report.

e. Ensures that all medical equipment and lab tests are orders, per MD, taking into consideration patient need and the payor source.

f. Coordinates with staff to provide timely, current patient information to insurance Case Managers as documented on authorization requests

g. Seeks guidance and direction, if necessary, from the On Call Manager or the On Call Administrator.

6. Communication
Communicates and collaborates with other members of the healthcare provider team, as needed on the weekend/holiday shift, to obtain and clarify orders or to discuss changes in the patient condition.
a. Ensures that all appropriate services are referred and involved in the patient case in a timely manner.

b. Recommends and assists the provider to access the appropriate area of service within the organization or community.

c. Recommends and assists the provider to access and order appropriate medical equipment and laboratory tests according to the appropriate payor source.

d. Ensures that all unplanned visits are appropriately responded to.

e. Ensures that planned and unplanned HHA orientation visits are scheduled for on–site nurse/HHA/patient introductory home visits.

f. Serves as a triage nurse for patient, physician, family inquiries. Receives inquiries via pager on eve/ weekends/holidays 8 AM to 4:30 PM or 1 PM to 9 PM.

g. The weekend/holiday report will be completed at the end of each weekend/holiday episode. The report will be specific as to clinical and administrative events.

h. Adjusts and assigns unscheduled visits as required

i. Uses hand-off report mechanism to provide next shift/case manager with patient necessary information regarding POC.

7. Direct Care
When the nurse to patient visit ratio exceeds accepted Agency standards, and no further nursing coverage can be obtained, will provide direct care to patients.
a. Updates plan of care with any change in patient status

b. Edits pathways based on patient/caregiver progress with the plan of care, ie, objective met, appropriate variance or new treatments

c. All Oasis Integrity Errors are resolved prior to export

d. Preforms comprehensive physical and pyschosocial assessments

e. Assesses pain and documents according to agency guidelines at every visit

f. Completes the Fall Risk assessment and documentation as required

g. Completes all required documentation and exports according to agency guidelines

h. Submits an accurate and complete daily log for each shift, when applicable.

i. Seeks guidance and direction, if necessary, from the Manager.


9. Professional Development
Maintains current knowledge of nursing practice by attendance at in-service and participation in seminars and courses to increase knowledge of community health nursing as evidenced by attendance logs and CEU certificates.
a. Develops and maintain inter personal skill level using Aspects of Care

b. Practices within the legal boundaries for the MA Nurse Practice Act and according to Organizational Policies and Procedures

c. Attends and participates in team meetings, reads all applicable minutes as required

d. Participates on committees or project teams to resolve process or system issues

e. Attends training sessions to remain informed of new information/technology

10. Technology
Embraces technological solutions to work processes and practices.
a. Demonstrates clinical proficiency and competency in the agency/program automated clinical record as evidenced by successful completion of education program and appropriate daily utilization of software.

b. Consistently utilizes phone system and telecommunication services ,ie responds to pager,checks voicemail email

c. Operates assigned clinical equipment appropriately and as instructed

11. Safety
Fosters a “Culture of Safety” through personal ownership and commitment to a safe environment.
a. Understands individual roles/responsibilities during emergency situations in patients’ home or at office, e.g. Emergency Preparedness Plan.

b. Adheres to National Patient Safety Goals

c. Demonstrates proper bag technique and use of personal protective equipment

d. Documentation reflects use of approved abbreviations only

e. Adheres to infection control and hazardous waste guidelines

f. Follows Telephone order policy and procedure.

g. Utilizes proper body mechanics when performing all aspects of job

h. Determines significance of critical laboratory values for patients and takes appropriate action.

i. Complies with current CDC hand washing guidelines through proper handwashing

12. Educator
Employs expertise as a role model, preceptor and/or coach
a. Receptive to questions and requests for support

b. Participates in the planning and presentation of organization educational events

c. Responds to and participates in opportunities to teach, learn and influence others

13. Advanced Clinical Skills
a. Participates in educational opportunities to develop and maintain specialized clinical skills, ie VAC, pluerxx, IV infusion

b. Receptive to Just in Time education to meet the clinical needs of patients and staff

c. Able to recognize deterioration or patient problems

d. Serves as a teacher and resource for other nurses to advance clinical skills

Minimum Education - Preferred

Graduate of an NLN approved school of nursing.
Equivalent to a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing in an NLN–approved school of nursing preferred.

Minimum Work Experience

Requires two (2) years of acute care experience.
Two years of community health nursing experience preferred.

Read, write and speak English. Current valid Drivers Liscence. Excellent assessment skills. .Homecare experience a plus