SSMC - Phlebotomist

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LOC0020 - 143 Longwater Norwell143 Longwater Drive
Norwell, MA 02061

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Lab Point Of Care


Part time

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Varied Shifts (United States of America)

Performs phlebotomy functions and non–technical duties in areas including SSH&EC Laboratory, outpatient and off-site services.1. Performs phlebotomy (venipuncture, fingerstick, and heelstick) according to established procedure of South Shore Hospital. a. Performs venipuncture using correct technique and with minimal discomfort to the patient. b. Performs fingerstick procedures with correct technique and when unable to obtain specimen by venipuncture. c. Performs heelstick on babies with correct technique. 2. Identifies patients and properly labels specimen tubes. a. Identifies patient by checking name and Hospital Medical Record number on patient armband. b. Labels all specimen tubes following established procedure: Date and time of draw and Phlebotomist initials when not using Bar Code Labels generated by Automated Patient Identification system. c. When using Automated Patient Identification system, scan the barcode on your employee badge and enter your Meditech password into the handheld. d. Select patient on handheld then scan patients' armband to bring up that patients' orders. Highlight tests to be drawn, draw patient, select method that you used (venipuncture, heelstick, etc.) hold handheld over label printer to print labels. (Only labels for that patient will print) e. All label printing and application to tubes is to be done at the bedside. 3. Determines priority of STAT draws. Insures timely transport of all patient specimens to lab for testing. a. Prioritizes STAT requests. Draws STATs within 10-15 minutes of request. b. Draws severe trauma and/or disaster patients immediately. c. Ensures that STATs are transported to lab on a priority bases immediately for serious cases: Trauma, disaster; within 15 minutes of draw for other STATs. Hourly for routines. 4. Utilizes computers as appropriate in completing assigned functions. a. Verifies all information for accuracy. b. Performs order entry with no errors. c. Generates collection lists,( NCC list ) and can add on or cancel tests. 5. Organizes assigned work and accurately completes work load statistics. a. Draws all assigned patients by the end of shift. b. Print NCC lists periodically and check to see that all patients listed are accounted for. 6. Helps co-workers when needed and communicates with laboratory departments when needed to ensure an orderly work flow. a. Assists co-workers with blood-drawing procedures on morning rounds before returning to phlebotomy station. b. Informs floors of patients not drawn for any reason at time of attempt. c. Informs Supervisor of problems in obtaining specimens for any reason. 7. Under supervision will help in the training of new employees and student interns at SSH&EC in the performance of phlebotomy duties. a. Works with new employees to assist in training of departmental procedures. b. Acts as a resource to new employees. 8. Follows all organizational and department or unit policies and procedures. 9. Readily accepts changes in assignment. Performs work level of equal skill and responsibility as needed. May be requireed to do work of lesser responsibilty when the workload of the department so requires. 10. Will act as a receptionist, greet patients and answer phones in the outpatient lab when required. a. Is courteous and friendly to patients. b. Answers phones in a prompt and courteous manner and by stating name and department. 11. Is responsible for the daily cleaning of equipment and maintaining neatness throughout the department. a. Keep Phlebotomy baskets neat and check periodically for any outdated tubes. b. Will replenish phlebotomy baskets upon completion of shift. c. Will ensure that all safety and waste containers are disposed of properly. d. Maintain stock in Phlebotomy room & Outpatient Drawing room. e. Maintain cleanliness of Phlebotomy rooms, Break room,& Storage rooms at all times f. Cleans work areas at the beginning and end of each shift. 12. Records daily temperature of Outpatient refrigerator. a. Notifies Supervisor if temperature falls outside of established limits. 13. EKG: Performance of Electrocardiograms a. Enter all patient demographics into EKG cart. b. Introduce self, explain procedure to patient, check patient ID. c. Apply 4 limb leads and 6 precordial leads according to standardized placement. d. Collect 12 seconds of data and insure that tracing is complete and good quality. e. Print one (1) copy of EKG: allow data to store to disk. f. Deliver one (1) copy to patient's chart (or nurse). g. Transmit disk to Data Management System. 14. Consistently adheres to the established protocol for patient identification using two patient identifiers when performing EKG function. 15. Technology – Is receptive to technological solutions to work processes and practices. 16. Safety Awareness – Fosters a “Culture of Safety” through personal ownership and commitment to a safe environment as stated in the Safety Management Program Manual, Infection Control Manual and Phlebotomy Policies & Procedure Manual. The employee is knowledgeable of who the Hospital Safety Officer is. a. Consistently adheres to established Laboratory and Hospital policies for Universal Precautions and Safety Procedures. b. When handling blood/and or body fluids, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) will be utilized in order to minimize exposure to infectious diseases. c. Wears gloves, gowns, goggles, or masks as required. d. Disinfects & cleans work area at the beginning and end of each shift. e. Knows where to find Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for any item used in job performance. Minimum Education - Preferred Equivalent of four (4) years of high school education preferred. Minimum Work Experience One (1) year of full time experience preferred. Certified or certified eligible with National Phlebotomy Association preferred.

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