Receptionist - Health Express

Job Description Summary

Greet patients and visitors and determines nature of the visit; direct all people to the appropriate location and services; including escorting patients to treatment areas.

Job Description

1. Customer Service

a. Greets and acknowledges all patients and visitors, both in office and on telephone, with professionalism and directs to appropriate services

b. Is a positive role model to other staff, encouraging others to interact with customers, engage in conversation and express genuine interest

c. Follows through on messages to be sure to keep entire team informed of issues as needed.

d. Monitors patient flow throughout the day and informs staff as needed regarding priority orders

e. Fosters a pleasant and professional office environment in keeping with Culture of Service Excellence standards

f. Answers telephone by the third ring, using department accepted greeting and in a professional tone in accordance with the hospital’s telephone etiquette standards

g. Checks phone messages each hour and responds to call within same business day

h. Obtain new patient information for all new patients – ensure patients fill out all appropriate relevant new patient information. Review for completeness and request any missing information. Verify information as necessary, including insurance status, current insurance information and insurance card. Scan front and back of insurance card and collect co-payment. Make sure primary physician is current and up-to-date and request any referral when necessary or sign a waiver.

i. Assemble new patient record/chart according to established procedure. At the end of the day, call each no-show patient, noting this on the patient’s chart.
· Review demographics, change if necessary
· Collect pharmacy information/enter correctly into PM and EMR systems
· If new patient, have patient complete history and physical form, HIPAA form, and patient info form
· Document copay in Epic, balance at end of session.
· Check mass health eligibility upon patient arrival
· Have patient complete symptom score sheet if MD requires it
· Put any attached paperwork in MD rack
· Check faxed reports periodically throughout the day and file appropriately
· Turn monies into billing department
· Call patients to reschedule and/or cancel appointments.
· Perform opening/late night duties
· Prepare front desk for the day, including printing patient lists, collate medication lists and symptom score list with master list.
· Check in and out patients as needed.
· Schedule diagnostic testing including but not limited to x-rays, ultrasounds, CT Scans, MRI’s Obtain precertification for procedures when required
· Under physician supervision, call in prescriptions to pharmacy and complete necessary documentation in patient medical record
· Under physician supervision, call patients with test results
· Schedule patient for next appointment
· Explain to patients requirements for upcoming test/procedure.
· Collect additional clinical data as requested by MD

2. Long Term Projects and Daily Assignments

a. Works independently to complete daily assignments by the end of the shift and long term assignments by deadline established

b. Works independently and keeps supervisor informed of tasks that have been assigned

c. Seeks out co-workers to assist with their assignments when time allows

d. Works independently with infrequent need for supervision

3. Technology

a. Embraces technological solutions to work processes and practices

b. Presents and initiates new processes and practices to improve department performance

c. Offers suggestions for changes to improve department work processes and practices

d. Acts as a mentor for other staff with technological applications

4. Other Duties as Required

a. Participates in activities for job skills development and to develop the SS Urology office.

b. Continuously sets new goals for self during the year.

c. Consistently demonstrates career/skill development by attending in-services to promote or develop SS Urology.

d. Continuously participates in committees or participates in in-services to promote or develop SS Urology.

5. Developmental Needs of the Department

a. Demonstrates willingness to identify and/or assume activities relative to the developmental needs of the department

b. Works independently and keeps supervisor informed of tasks that have been taken

c. Continuously offers to flex schedule to accommodate patient/departmental needs

d. Recognizes or seeks out tasks that need to be addressed, that have not been assigned to them

6. Environment and Department Maintenance/Infection Control

a. Assists in the maintenance of the department’s overall physical environment and infection control including cleaning equipment, temperature monitoring, area inspections

b. Acts as a mentor for new staff members

c. Anticipates environmental needs of the department and addresses proactively and keeps management informed of situation

d. Alerts management of concerns with the department and follows through with suggested actions independently - responds to the needs of the department

e. Completes and records cleaning and temperature checks per checklist

f. Is receptive and willing to attend to tasks when asked

Minimum Education - Preferred
High school or equivalent

Minimum Work Experience
2 years working experience.

Ability to interact effectively and in a supportive manner with persons of all backgrounds Excellent telephone skills and etiquette Ability to work well under pressure Ability to work accurately and efficiently Must have computer knowledge