Radiology Technologist - Health Express

Job Description Summary

Under the direction of the Department Manager, performs interpretive, patient care and technical functions to insure proper radiologic diagnosis of patients.

Job Description

•  Complies with all HIPPA regulations with regards to patient privacy
•  Complies with all OSHA safety standards
•  Obtains pertinent clinical information including the patient’s complaint, health history and 
measurement of vital signs
•  Prepares patient for examination
•  Prepares for all necessary procedures and treatments per established specifications
•  Assists providers with examinations, procedures and treatments
•  Performs wound irrigations, dressings, bandages wounds and incisions, and applies splints as 
well as other tasks ordered by the Provider
•  Performs diagnostic tests including eye exams, Pulse Ox, Peak flow and throat and nasal 
•  Performs CLIA-waived lab tests; labels and processes specimens to send to the 
•  Performs daily office and laboratory opening and closing procedures
•  Maintains emergency equipment for use at all times in a clean and safe condition
•  Maintains supplies, stocks exam rooms, treatment areas and laboratory daily
•  Sterilizes non-disposable instruments and disposes of contaminated supplies and medical waste in 
accordance with established standards
•  Provides discharge instructions as ordered by the Provider
•  Assists the Provider and front office staff to facilitate flow through the clinic in a timely 
and appropriate fashion
•  Maintains proficiency in all areas by attending trainings as required
•  Maintains CPR certification

Radiographer Duties:
•  Performs x-rays ordered by the Provider to help diagnose a variety of medical problems
•  Closely follows provider instructions
•  Communicates effectively with all types of patients to gain their understanding and cooperation 
with radiographic testing
•  Prepares radiographic equipment
•  Assists patients in removal of garments or jewelry that that may interfere with the 
•  Positions patients correctly
•  Accurately captures the requested diagnostic image by setting the equipment to obtain the best 
density, detail and contrast of the area being imaged
•  Takes preventative steps to avoid unnecessary exposure to radiation
•  Stores and maintains radiographic images according to clinic protocol
•  Assists patients by copying or transferring x-ray images for use by their PCP or specialty 
•  Cleans and disinfects x-ray equipment using appropriate materials.
•  Keeps x-ray suite well stocked, clean and orderly at all times
•  Wears appropriate RAD badge at all times

•  Graduation from an accredited Radiology Technologist program is required
•  Massachusetts state licensure in Radiography is required
•  Knowledge of medical terminology
•  Basic computer skills
•  Skill in obtaining and maintaining accurate medical records
•  Ability to communicate clearly and show patience with patients
•  Must be able to perform each essential duty related to examination, diagnostic and treatment 
room responsibilities satisfactorily
•  Ability to initiate and complete tasks related to job duties without direct request of 
•  Ability to work well with others and be willing to help when needed
•  Maintains strictest confidentiality of patient information
•  Ability to multi-task with patients and other responsibilities