Job Description Summary

Under the Director of the VNA, the per diem scheduler is responsible for ensuring their is adequate per diem coverage daily. This employee also will work closely with the nurse managers to assess those patients who need visits and assign the visits to the perdiems appropriately, as well as assist with weekend/holiday scheduling..

Job Description

Job Description

Performs all skills, treatments, procedures competently and within the regulations and licensing laws of the State Nurse Practice Acts, institutions’ and department policies, and other applicable local and federal laws. Coordinates and communicates with other clinical team members any changes in the patient’s medical or physical condition resulting in a change in the plan of care. Completes required documentation to communicate changes in the plan of care, or changes in medications, treatments or visit frequency. Performs comprehensive physical and psychosocial re-assessment at each visit. Assesses pain every visit using appropriate  pain scale tool based on patient's abilities and completes documentation as required.


Implements medical and nursing Plan of Care, nursing interventions and procedures as necessary for the care of the patient. Performs routine nursing responsibilities and other general tasks required to provide for the safety, emotional, spiritual, and physical comfort of the patient(s), based on established care plan.

Maintains up–to–date and accurate documentation of nursing care provided to assure the integration of information for use by the healthcare team, in order to assure quality care. Each identified problem must be addressed and appropriately documented in the patient record.

Makes scheduled home visits to patients during the day or evening shift, as evidenced by documentation in the clinical record and nursing daysheet or daily log. Schedules and prioritizes nursing visits according to patient status.

Coordinates and communicates any changes in the plan of care to the appropriate members of the  interdisciplinary team.


Minimum Education - Preferred

Required graduate of an accredited LPN program.

Minimum Work Experience

Two (2) years of recent experience in acute care facility or homecare.