Lead Radiology Technician - Health Express

Job Description Summary

Under the general supervision of the Vice President of Operations plans and coordinates the daily operations of the Urgent Care Radiology department through interactions with staff, administration, other departments, Radiologists and others as necessary. Primary duty is to coordinate all aspects of the day-to-day operations in various locations to ensure the delivery of quality services in accordance with applicable policies, procedures and professional standards

Job Description

Lead Responsibilities:

  • Oversees daily operations relating to the technical workings of the Radiologic Technicians and oversees the work of the scheduled staff.
  • Schedules and assigns Technologists in coordination with Site Managers as required by the needs of the various locations. Ensures proper staffing; allocates Technologists to other sites as necessary, and appropriate for patient care, budget, staffing and department/hospital needs. Oversees employees in all locations for assigned shift. Ensures that employees are performing duties and following policies and procedures as necessary.
  • Participates in candidate recruitment, interviewing and on-boarding
  • Establishes and maintains efficient communications between front desk and clinical personnel.
  • Assists in the implementation and ongoing utilization of quality assurance programs with Maintains compliance logs for equipment and QA measures including those required by the ARRT, DPH, etc. and attends compliance rounds when requested.
  • Maintains equipment and physical space service vendors to maximize equipment up time.  Coordinates service calls, internal work orders and other equipment repair and maintenance.
  • Coordinates maintenance and supplies for the Diagnostic department and assess par levels on a weekly basis. Submits supply orders as needed, ensuring that expenses are within the constraints of the departmental budget.
  • Works closely with the Vice President of Operations and Director of Finance to give feedback and improve individual department budgets, patient care and Technologist training and initiatives.
  • Resolves scheduling issues by working with appropriate providers and staff. Assists with scheduling patients if required. Maintains clinical protocols and assists in making changes when required.
  • Demonstrates a positive attitude every day by focusing on the job.
  • Maintains current licensure, registrations, certifications, continuing education requirements and completes hospital and departmental competencies on time.
  • Works hours as regularly scheduled or according to the operational needs of the urgent care.
  • Follows all departments' established and appropriate policies and procedures.
  • Follows established hospital infection control and safety procedures. Performs other duties as needed.


  • Complies with all HIPPA regulations and OSHA safety standards
  • Obtains pertinent clinical information including the patient’s complaint, health history and measurement of vital signs
  • Prepares patient for examination and all necessary procedures and treatments per established specifications
  • Assists providers with examinations, procedures and treatments
  • Performs wound irrigations, dressings, bandages wounds and incisions, and applies splints as well as other tasks ordered by the Provider
  • Performs diagnostic tests including eye exams, pulse ox, peak flow and throat and nasal swabs
  • Performs CLIA-waived lab tests; labels and processes specimens to send to the laboratory
  • Performs daily office and laboratory opening and closing procedures
  • Maintains emergency equipment for use at all times in a clean and safe condition
  • Maintains supplies, stocks exam rooms, treatment areas and laboratory daily
  • Sterilizes non-disposable instruments and disposes of contaminated supplies and medical waste in accordance with established standards
  • Provides discharge instructions as ordered by the Provider
  • Assists the Provider and front office staff to facilitate flow through the clinic in a timely and appropriate fashion
  • Maintains proficiency in all areas by attending trainings as required

Radiographer Duties:

  • Performs x-rays ordered by the Provider to help diagnose a variety of medical problems
  • Closely follows provider instructions
  • Communicates effectively with all types of patients to gain their understanding and cooperation with radiographic testing
  • Prepares radiographic equipment
  • Assists patients in removal of garments or jewelry that that may interfere with the procedure
  • Positions patients correctly
  • Accurately captures the requested diagnostic image by setting the equipment to obtain the best density, detail and contrast of the area being imaged
  • Takes preventative steps to avoid unnecessary exposure to radiation
  • Stores and maintains radiographic images according to clinic protocol
  • Assists patients by copying or transferring x-ray images for use by their PCP or specialty physician
  • Cleans and disinfects x-ray equipment using appropriate materials.
  • Keeps x-ray suite well stocked, clean and orderly at all times
  • Wears appropriate RAD badge at all times

Work requires knowledge of principles and procedures of Diagnostic Radiology. Working knowledge of operation and maintenance of Radiology equipment generally acquired through the completion of two years post-high school training in an approved school of Radiologic Technology.


  • Current MA license in Radiography, ARRT (R) certification and registration and all applicable Radiology education requirements.
  • BLS/CPR Certification required.

EXPERIENCE:  Work requires a minimum of 2 years' experience as a Radiologic Technologist.