Job Description Summary

Provide leadership to the Department of Critical Care in accordance with the bylaws of SSH and the bylaws, rules and regulations of its Medical Staff, departments, and committees, and in compliance with all applicable federal, state and local laws and accrediting bodies.

Job Description

1. Ensure the integrity of clinical care standards. Directs care in the unit(s) whether delivered by intensivist staff or by referring physicians.
a. All unassigned patients and hospitalist’s patients will be admitted to/cared for by either the Critical Care Internist or Intensivist

b. Patients admitted via the Emergency Department or from another unit will be initially seen in the ED or on the unit to expedite admissions/transfers as staffing permits.

2. Assist with Performance Improvement activities within the Department. Coordinates with other departments which interface with the critical care units, most notably the Department of Emergency Medicine, Department of Surgery, Department of Medicine; and coordinates with the Operating room ensuring that patient care is seamless and has continuity on transfers and when procedures are involved; works closely with Respiratory Medicine and Anesthesiology in optimizing patient welfare.

3. Develop a practice presence, ensuring a presence as a peer with the Critical Care Team in the Department.
Deliver the highest quality care

4. When working during the day coordinates multi disciplinary rounds. Establishes and communicates to the department staff specific patient care goals related to medical care and consistent with the institution’s role as a provider in the healthcare community. Works with senior management and hospital operations personnel.

5. Monitors, evaluates and acts to improve the quality of medical care.
6. Ensures the adherence to patient admission and discharge criteria for critical care units.

7. Ensures that the medical clinical operations of the Department are consistently conducted in harmony with the operations and objectives of the Hospital.

8. Participates in the utilization review process in the collection and analysis of data related to medical care.

9. Practice and develop the critical care program in a financially prudent and responsible fashion. Work closely with management to optimize the financial performance of the units.

10. Attends regular departmental meetings.
11. Enhances intra- and interdepartmental professional communication, as well as communication with administration.

12. Provides input into patient care rendered by other disciplines outside the department, assuring adherence to acceptable medical care standards.

13. Attends all required Safety Training programs and can describe his/her responsibilities related to general safety, department/service safety, specific job-related hazards.
a. All required safety education programs have been attended.

b. Provides complete and accurate responses to safety questions.

c. Operates assigned equipment and performs all procedures in a safe manner as instructed.

d. Maintains work area and equipment in condition required by department standards.

e. Demonstrates proper body mechanics in all functions.

14. Follows the Hospital Exposure Control Plans/Bloodborne and Airborne Pathogens.
a. Demonstrates knowledge of techniques, procedures and correct use of protective barrier equipment. Expects the same of other team members.

b. Assures a safe environment by instituting appropriate control measures.

15. Demonstrates respect and regard for the dignity of all patients, families, visitors and fellow employees to ensure a professional, responsible and courteous environment.
a. Interacts with all of the above in a considerate, helpful and courteous manner.

b. Fosters mature professional relationships with fellow physicians and South Shore Health & Educational Corporation staff.

c. Maintains professional composure and confidence during stressful situations.

d. Maintains open communication with administration regarding issues.

e. Conducts all work activities with respect for rights and wishes of patients, visitors, and families.

f. Maintains confidentiality of all hospital and patient information.

g. Demonstrates adherence to discipline code of ethics.

16. Promotes effective working relations and works effectively as part of a department/unit team inter and intra departmentally to facilitate the department's/unit's ability to meet its goals and objectives.
a. Actively participates in department meetings.

b. Supports the Hospital's mission, policies and procedures through attendance and participation at committee meetings, where applicable

c. Acts as a professional role model both clinically and administratively.

d. Effectively and confidentially communicates in all professional situations.

Medical School Degree
Board Certified or Board Eligible in Internal Medicine
Minimum Work Experience
Meets requirements of SSH&EC medical staff bylaws
Credentialled by South Shore Hospital medical staff
Successfully complete the Society of Critical Care Medicine’s Fundamental Critical Care Support Course within six (6) months of being privileged in the Critical Care Department
750 hours of delivering direct patient care under the direction of an intensivist in a critical care unit over an eight (8) month period within the last one (1) year or, completed within 8 months of being privileged by the Critical Care Department