Employee Health RN

Job Description Summary

The EHS RN coordinates and implements hospital-wide programs for the prevention and control of workplace associated illnesses and injuries for health system employees. Manages individualized, outcome oriented nursing care through the use of the nursing process. Provides care, treatment and services through the successful coordination and completion of a series of processes that include assessment, planning care, providing care, in accordance with departmental and hospital policies and procedures

Job Description

Core duties include workers’ compensation case management, infectious diseases surveillance, reporting of workplace injuries and illnesses to government agencies, contact tracing, vaccine administration, pre-placement assessments and collaborating with frontline staff and leaders to enhance protections for staff and patients. Ability to assess and triage care. Liaison to Infection Prevention, workers’ compensation third party administrator and managers as needed to carry out the preceding duties. The EHS RN has a thorough understanding of healthcare and is data driven and colleague focused.

Candidates with CIC or COHN certification are preferred. EXCEL experience preferred. Vaccination and TB screening experience required.