Director, Wound Center

Job Description Summary

The Director, Wound Center will oversee the day-to-day operations and the financial and administrative oversight of the Center for Wound Healing. The Director will participate in designing, and is responsible for implementing clinical operations that deliver integrated care between the various providers in the Center for Wound Healing. The Director is responsible for embracing and implementing a vision to create a truly multi-specialty clinic and continuum promoting excellence in wound healing routed in patient and family-centered care and is charged with motivating and leading staff to carry this vision forward embracing principles of lean thinking.

Job Description


1 - Provides oversight and directs administrative and clinical operations while ensuring appropriate resource utilization across the center.

2 - In collaboration with the Medical Director and Vice President, designs and directs the implementation of short and long-term strategic plans to support existing and new clinical programs to be consistent with the overall vision of the Center for Wound Healing.

3 - Summarizes for the stakeholders the overall progress of the Center, status of the services and ongoing activities. Provides monthly updates on quality, volume, financial performance and projects. Represents the Center as an active member in committees related to wound care at both SSH and across the care continuum, as appropriate.

4 - Promotes and supports positive inter-departmental and inter-organizational relationships for the purpose of improving patient care and streamlining administrative operations.

5 - Acts as intermediary between providers and clinical and support colleagues, sharing information and facilitating development of communication systems for administration, providers, and colleagues.

6 - Develops and implements processes that enhance access, optimizes patient time with providers; analyzes operations and facilitates process improvement efforts using Lean Principles; ensures medical and administrative support is structured and scheduled to support overall delivery of care, and implements systems and procedures that support the practices. Develops strategies and processes to enhance quality care and patient satisfaction.

7 - Responsible for developing staffing structures, support, training and supervision that will be effective and efficient while supporting the needs of patients and providers within each specialty.  Develops tools and training that is specialty-specific to address the different needs in booking appointments, registration, referral management, prior authorizations, patient flow, clinical processes, telephone triage, surgical scheduling and post-operative follow up care.  Oversees the personnel management and training of all non-provider staff, in collaboration with Nursing leadership.

8 - Develops and implements orientation plans to integrate newly hired staff into the practice; ensures they have the information, training, skills and support to be successful and productive.

9 - Manages and supports hiring, developing and supervising front line staff; supports and oversees staff to ensure effective financial, administrative and clinical operational processes are in place, and that they are effectively coordinated. Performs annual evaluations and disciplinary action steps for all colleagues. Mentors supervisors and coordinators and provides leadership and positive reinforcement.

10 - Triage patient complaints for the center, working with appropriate personnel and resolving issues.

11 - Oversee schedule templates for clinic providers, including cancellations, changes, etc. Monitors providers’ schedules daily for early detection of access issues or errors in booking. Makes recommendations to providers for adapting their schedules to improve patient access. Is a resource for training providers and staff on various systems (Allscripts, Meditech, etc.).

12 - Responsible for financial management of the practice including staffing levels, purchasing, cash collection, charge capture and activities related to billing procedures. Reviews financial and productivity reports. Manages, completes and creates annual budgets. Anticipates problems and proposes and initiates solutions. Reports regularly to the appropriate advisory groups and works closely with the area director, medical director and vice president, to improve the efficiency, effectiveness and financial results of the Center.

13 - Designs and implements the reconciliation process for provider encounter forms and cash collection serving as primary liaison, working collaboratively with the billing companies to ensure all patient visits are accounted for and keyed into the system in a timely manner to ensure maximization of revenue and the reduction and elimination of missing charges and lost revenue.

   a - Directs the coordination of daily deposits to ensure increased and positive cash flow. Implements procedures to enhance revenue and ensures compliance of providers and staff with billing requirements.

   b - Understands and assists with managed care and other insurance/referral issues and implements any other necessary front-end registration improvements as required.

   c - Works collaboratively with appropriate finance personnel at SSH and outside billing vendors to optimize revenue, ensure front-end and back-end coordination and resolve any issues.

14 - Effectively uses existing technology capabilities in clinical, administrative and fiscal operations; identifies opportunities to expand uses of technology and leads their adoption across the practices.

15 - Responsible for developing systems and processes in conjunction with the providers to meet the needs and standards of each specialty.  Involves working with multiple IT systems, process requirements, billing companies, external vendors, cash management, and reporting systems.

16 - Works closely with the Medical Director and Vice President to implement all quality of care initiatives. Designs and implements quality improvement initiatives that incorporate patient, staff and provider feedback; consistently evaluates the quality of patient care and service and leads by example through regular patient and staff contact. Oversees any clinical initiatives set forth and directs the adherence and enforcement of all policies and procedures.

17 - Works with Medical Director, Director and Vice President on wound care initiatives and is a liaison to the health care continuum – including but not limited to Physician practice, inpatient, skilled nursing facilities, and home care agencies.

18 - Assures Center compliance with Joint Commission and state and federal regulations.

Technology and Learning

   a - Participates in continued learning and possess a willingness and ability to learn and utilize new technology and procedures that continue to develop in their role and throughout the organization.

   b - Embraces technological advances that allow us to communicate information effectively and efficiently based on role.


Minimum Education - Preferred

Bachelor’s degree and/or Masters preferred

Minimum Work Experience

Minimum of 5 years experience in clinical delivery of health care services, as well as previous supervisory practice management experience in a hospital clinic setting.

Required additional Knowledge, and Abilities

A broad and thorough knowledge of: (a) physician practices management and resource utilization; (b) organizational and management theory and practices; (c) financial systems, budget management, reimbursement issues and regulations; (d) strategic planning and implementation; (e) information systems and (f) current health delivery systems issues, and (g) quality improvement processes, theory and practices. Understand the fundamentals of medical billing, collections, and referral management. Must have an understanding of physician and hospital based billing. Demonstrated experience and success in managing multi-specialty practice. Excellent communication (both oral and written) and presentation skills. Demonstrated leadership skills across a broad range of constituents. Ability to lead and develop teams focused on patient satisfaction; proven track record in delivering outstanding customer service. Exceptional judgment and discretion in interacting with physicians and senior management on sensitive political and confidential issues. Demonstrated ability to develop and mentor staff. Ability to manage multiple complex and concurrent projects. Excellent organizational skills and complex problem-solving skills. Ability to create and implement action plans. Work collaboratively with patients, staff and providers. Initiative and ability to work independently. Ability to prioritize work and multi-task.