C.T. Technologist

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LOC0001 - 55 Fogg Road55 Fogg Road
Weymouth, MA 02190

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Imaging CT


Part time

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Eve/Night Rotation (United States of America)

Participates in technical duties directly involved with the CT Scanner including developing, initiating and monitoring procedures for the effective utilization of this unit.1. Maintains equipment for proper diagnostic imaging. a. Maintains equipment by cleaning daily. b. Notes any system problems to alert service engineer. c. Alerts supervisor of system problems and when a service engineer has been alerted. d. Maintains supplies by stocking rooms daily. 2. Sets up and adjusts equipment dependent on the exam. a. Sets up equipment and calibrates unit. b. Sets control according to exam standard for slice thickness and bed increment. c. Checks all dose limits that will be needed for each exam being preformed 3. Accepts patients and assesses their condition to determine proper handling and special requirements. Explains and prepares the patient for the exam requested. a. Goes to waiting room, dressing rooms and corridors to accept patient. b. Assesses patient needs to determine proper handling. c. Explains procedure to patients to prepare them for the examination. d. Answers all questions patient may have about examation. 4. Assists in the administration and administers appropriate contrast agents in order to render specific organs or systems more opaque. a. Performs IV access, using sterile technique, for administration of contrast. b. Marks all I.V. supplies properly. 5. Reviews patient charts and requests with the Radiologist to assure the proper examination and diagnostic results are obtained. a. Reviews patient charts checking physician orders. b. Reviews with the Radiologist requests and charts for proper examination. c. Communicates with patient units to assure timely transport and completion of exam request. 6. Quality controls all images, maintains inventory and adheres to safety regulations. a. Checks all images to assure quality of exam. b. Checks all image transfers complete and correct, using image transfer management equipment c. Adheres to safety regulations for both patient and employee safety. d. Checks inventory of contrast, IV supplies and paper products daily e. Trains department personnel, including students, on how to perform a CAT Scan. 7. Relies on extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology to obtain the maximum diagnostic image corresponding to body parts. a. Reviews exam request to determine area of interest. b. Uses practical knowledge of anatomy for proper positioning to obtain maximum diagnostic information, as evidenced by the image taken. c. Follows set department protocols for imaging area of interest. 8. Technology – Embraces technological solutions to work processes and practices. a. progress in knowledge of new dept related technology b. progress in knowledge of new technology instituted hospital wide 9. Safety Awareness – Fosters a “Culture of Safety” through personal ownership and commitment to a safe environment. a. Prior to the start of any invasive procedures, a final verification to confirm the correct patient, procedure, site, and information is done. b. Verifies patient according to policy prior to administration of care/procedures/medications. c. Follows approved procedure for verifying MD orders including a verbal readback to the licensed independent practitioner after receiving a telephone order. d. Complies with the current CDC hand hygiene guidelines through proper handwashing , as observed by nurse manager and peers. e. Consistently follows the South Shore Hospital policy to mark surgical sites. f. Makes appropriate use of personal protective equipment at all times. g. Adheres to respiratory etiquette guidelines. h. Adheres to universal precautions. i. Appropriately disposes of hazardous materials. j. Adheres to electrical safety guidelines. Minimum Education - Preferred preferred formal training in Radiology Technology of AMA approved program. Minimum Work Experience Minimum of three to four (3–4) years Radiologic experience and special procedures experience preferred. One (1) year exposure or training in CT to be proficient. Required Licenses / Registrations RT - MA - Radiologic Technologist (Massachusetts) Preferred (not required) Licenses / Registrations American Registry of Radiologic Technologist R.T.(CT) (ARRT) REQUIRED Basic Life Support (BLS) Certification "OR" BLS Instructor "OR" Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) "OR" ACLS Instructor

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ACLS Instructor - American Heart Association (AHA), Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) Certification - American Heart Association (AHA), Basic Life Support (BLS) Certification - American Heart Association (AHA), BLS Instructor - American Heart Association (AHA), Computed Tomography (CT) - The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists, Computed Tomography (MA) - Radiation Control Program (Massachusetts)